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From Dana Taylor,

Book Luvin’ Babes is targeted toward women readers ages 30-70 looking for books of interest to them. We’re open to a wide range of genres and interests–romance, thrillers, historicals, women’s fiction, travel books, memoirs, cookbooks…the list goes on. Erotica and horror probably won’t be featured here.

We are looking for blog content and welcome your creative ideas. For instance:


  • Short excerpts (500 words or less) w/ description & author bio (plus offering to give away some freebies)
  • Sponsor a Contest– Caption Contest have proved successful at attracting traffic to your article. See example:
  • Articles that readers would find interesting–your inspiration for a book, a funny anecdote, a touching tale. Use your imagination!
  • Your news–FREEBIE ALERTS for the Facebook page, awards won, book launches, contests
  • Reviews of books you’ve enjoyed. You can support other authors, plus have your name and books featured.

BLB will be a creative zone, so pitch your idea and we’ll see if it flies. Preparing a word document that will be easily turned into a blog post increases your chances of being featured.

Send your material to

Support BLB: Spread the word about BLB by copying the logo above and posting it on your websites. Photobucket codes available by request at

As BLB grows, we intend to monetize the site through business advertising. We will not be selling book banners or charging authors to be featured on the site. In other words, we won’t be taking the royalties you work so hard to receive.  Saying that, any donations you can send via PayPal will be greatly appreciated!

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